SHOP FOX W1742 Review

To find a great product requires a keen search. Innovative products nowadays are becoming a big issue in lives of most consumers. Of course, there is nobody that will just pick a particular product just because their friends or perhaps somebody else recommend it to them. One of the products that require great deal of analysis before deciding any of its purchase is a planer.

SHOP FOX W1742 review

SHOP FOX W1742 15-inch Planer with Cast Iron In/Out Feed

If you have to make some woodwork you may need to be provided with such amazing and helpful tool. One of the great models you may take time to consider is the SHOP FOX W1742 Planer. This model of planer will surely help you with the things you really need for your woodworks.

For you to know that the product is really of great investment you may refer to some helpful SHOP FOX W1742 Planer reviews that will probably encourage you to work with it.

Features and Specifications

Before making any decision purchasing a SHOP FOX W1742 you probably need to consider knowing the helpful features it will bring to you. Therefore, to provide you with the features of this planer necessary for you to know given below are some of them:

  • If you choose to purchase this model of shop fox planer, satisfaction is surely on your way because of the 3-horsepower having 220-volt and a single-phase motor.
  • It is also being provided with a safety switch for the internal current overload.
  • Added for your convenience is the table measuring 15” x 42” together with wings.
  • The planer also have a gear box in 2-speed, 30 FPM and 16 FPM.
  • Its controls are of pedestal mounted so it will be easier for you to work on with your wood cutting tasks.
  • It has a maximum depth of cutting for 1/8 inch.
  • The cutterhead diameter of shop fox w1742 is 3 inches.
  • It also has 3 (HSS) knives.
  • The cutting process made fast and easy because of the 5,000 RMP cutterhead speed.
  • All of these mentioned features are only some of the amazing and beneficial deals you will find in the shop fox w1742. Plenty more are waiting only if you try using it for your wood cutting and jobs.


  • Choosing an amazing product like this Planer is one of the great decisions to make especially if you want to do better with your woodworks.
  • To feel tired working on a manual woodwork will be avoided if you choose to use the shop fox w1742.
  • This is made very possible because of the power capacity with 3-horsepower having 220-volt together with a single-phase motor.
  • Security of using this shop fox planer is surely on your hand because of its safety switch which you may use if in case an internal current overload occurs. Because of this safety switch the comfort of its use will also be given to you.
  • Convenience is also included because of the table of the shop fox planer that measures 15” x 42” also provided with wings.
  • You will also have the opportunity to use to different speed in its gear box; 30 FPM and 16 FPM.
  • Its controls will be easier for you to manipulate because those are pedestal mounted making it much easier for you to deal with your wood tasks.
  • It tool can cut down in a depth up to 1/8 inch. This deep cutting is made possible because of the three inches cutterhead diameter of the shop fox planer.
  • And another thing that makes your woodwork to be much easier is because of the cutterhead speed up to 5,000 RMP.
  • Knives are not an issue because it is provided with 3(HSS) knives.
  • Great service will be on your way if you choose to purchase this planer


  • Things may go wrong using the thing if you don’t properly follow the instructions in the manual. This happens even with other kinds of products. Therefore you need to make sure that you carefully work on with the thing in order to avoid unnecessary incidence. With this, you are sure to receive its optimum advantages.


Finding a great product with an amazing use like the SHOP FOX W1742 Planer is quite hard to attain. That is why if you are given the chance to have it make sure that you use it properly. Therefore, you need not to anymore waste your time looking for other kinds of wood cutter as this product will surely provide you the things you ought to have. Choosing to purchase this planer will definitely give you the opportunity to produce amazingly crafted woods. Since you already know what features you will get if you purchase the product it will be much easier for you to decide.

SHOP FOX W1742 15-inch Planer with Cast Iron In/Out Feed review

Buy SHOP FOX W1742 15-inch Planer with Cast Iron In/Out Feed

  • 3-horsepower, 220-volt, Single-phase motor
  • Internal thermal overload safety switch
  • Table measures:15-inches by 42-inches with wings
  • 2-speed gear box: 16 FPM and 30 FPM
  • Pedestal mounted controls
  • Motor: 3 HP, 220V, single-phase, 15A
  • Maximum cutting width: 15″
  • Maximum cutting height: 8″
  • Minimum stock thickness: 3/16″
  • Minimum stock length: 8″
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8″
  • Feed rate: 16 FPM and 30 FPM
  • Cutterhead: diameter: 3″
  • Knives: 3 HSS
  • Cutterhead speed: 4800 RPM
  • Table size: 15″ x 20″
  • Approximate shipping weight: 675 lbs.
  • 2-Year Warranty

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