Streamlight 88040 Review

Just when I thought buying a flashlight is just easy as 1-2-3, I was proven wrong. I used to think that choosing a flashlight depends only on two things – one, if it gives off light, then it’s good, and two, if the battery looks good, then that’s it. Until I came across the Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL flashlight, and I found myself buying one. Why, you say? Well, I say, why not?

Streamlight 88040 review

Streamlight 88040 ProTac High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with white LED

I am no flashlight expert but streamlight 88040 protac hl’s specifications look really promising. You can choose among 3 light output levels: high, low or strobe. Its candela peak beam intensity levels are impressive, ranging from 800cd to 16, 000cd and from 33 Lumens to 600. When you choose high mode, you can light up to 253 meters from where you stand. If those reasons are not good enough, let’s take a more in-depth review of the product.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac High Lumen Professional Tactical Light Review

Three Light Output Levels

You can choose to go all the way to high or down to strobe. Each level of the streamlight 88040 protac hl has different intensity than the other. The number of hours before the battery dies vary per level, too, so it is very ideal if you want to save your flashlight’s battery life.

ON/OFF Buttons

What’s really appealing is its handy-dandy feature, which is 5.2” in length and diameter of up to 1.4” only. It is really light at 5.6oz, making it possible to be held by just one hand. By clicking on its tail switch, you can smoothly transition between the three light output levels.


streamlight 88040 protac hl uses C4 LED technology. For some professions, this can be very useful. This feature is advantageous to security guards, people in the emergency medical unit, and law enforcers, etc. LED also helps regulate the flashlight’s power in order to maximize its light output while saving its battery life.


this flashlight has built-in shock absorber so that it can withstand sudden blows or high impact falls. Its average lifespan is up to 50, 000 hours.


aside from its impressive specs, the product also comes with free accessories for your pleasure. You can just easily slip the flashlight to your pocket or purse, or you can choose to carry it, like a boss, with a pocket clip or nylon holster.


  • The streamlight 88040 protac hl is highly multi-functional with its single-hand mechanism. If you worry about your flashlight’s battery life, in cases like natural calamities or mere outage, you can choose which light output level to use. Remember, switching from one level to another is just a few clicks away.
  • Impressive beam length. The flashlight can illuminate up to 57 meters from where you stand in low light level, while it can reach up to 253 meters in high light level. It even works better than street lights.
  • Impact resistance. Aside from its built-in shock absorber, streamlight 88040 protac hl is also equipped with high resistance of up to 1 meter-fall. One thing I noticed in regular flashlights is the moment it falls to ground, no matter how high or low its fall is, it does not matter because it would not work the same way as its pre-fall.
  • Optimized battery life. This flashlight takes advantage of the LED technology. LED works as power regulator for extreme brightness throughout its battery life.


  • It’s pretty annoying how I can hear a bit of the insides of the flashlight, like the batteries are a little too small for the body. However, using a small piece of tin foil can help avoid rattling of the batteries.
  • I was kind of hoping for it to have a red lens adapter, unfortunately, it is not available at the moment. Then again, the pros outweigh the cons, and the flashlight is still really impressive.


Streamlight assures that streamlight 88040 protac hl is free of any factory defects and makes sure its buyers can enjoy the use their flashlights for a very long time, according to its Limited Lifetime Warranty. It is a professional tactical flashlight, after all, with such a very small size and almost unnoticeable weight, streamlight aims to let its customers experience high-end technology and expect more innovative ideas from them. I am very excited about what they would offer next. I am currently enjoying using my streamlight tactical light, and I think this is just perfect for me. Hurry and get yours now!

Streamlight 88040 ProTac High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with white LED review

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