Wood Routers

Wood Router Buying GuideWood Router Buying Guide

There are three basic kinds of woodworking routers: fixed based routers, Plunge routers, Trim router. The design from the router determines the kind of jobs for that the router is most effective and how the actual router operates[…]

Best Plunge RouterBest Plunge Router

Plunge routers happen to be around for many years. Some die-hard customers of fixed-base versions may argue that the fixed-base router can perform everything that a plunge router can perform, but they don’t realize such a great[…]

Best Trim RouterBest Trim Router

Some routers permit you to change out bases, so you can switch between a dive and altered base. You basically expel the engine from one base and supplement it in an alternate base[…]

Best CNC RouterBest CNC Router

A CNC router can decrease waste, recurrence of blunders, and the time the completed item takes to get to market. Case in point, CNC routers can perform the undertakings of numerous carpentry shop machines[…]

Router Table Buying GuideRouter Table Buying Guide

When choosing the very best router table, you must have to know some useful tips and tricks that will surely help you in making the ideal purchase. Below are the things you have to remember[…]

Best Router TableBest Router Table

If you are purchasing a free-standing/floor-standing table, there is no reason to worry about the size dimensions of the table. The hole of even the mediocre table should be able to fit even the largest[…]

Best Router LiftBest Router Lift

There are bounty to look over, and the greater part of them look practically similar. What would it be a good idea for you to search for in a router lift? There are various components worth considering, however here are a few the most essential[…]

DEWALT DW618B3 ReviewDEWALT DW618B3 Review

This router has a unique D-handle base, which makes it easy to have great contact with the surface that needs to be worked on. This is one of the elements that have made it to become popular[…]


It cut clean and smooth, and it fit extremely well in my hands. I used the fixed base first, and played with the RPM settings a little bit to see how much extra control I could get over my previous piece of junk[…]

DEWALT DWP611 ReviewDEWALT DWP611 Review

I was pleased as soon as I got it opened up. The router was obviously solid and much higher quality than I had expected for the price. Truth is, I occasionally work on cabinets for people but it’s not really[…]


In addition to being versatile, this small piece of machinery is no slouch. It does what you need it to do, and has a really cool look to it on top of that. It features a black and yellow base, with aluminum parts[…]

Black and Decker RP250 ReviewBlack and Decker RP250 Review

The router has a specially designed, sightline base, which enhances visibility and thus ensuring the results are accurate. The router has a ¼-inch collet and a spindle lock mechanism[…]

PORTER-CABLE 7518 ReviewPORTER-CABLE 7518 Review

Once you begin using the router, you instantly feel the amount of control you have over the tool. Its huge handles are pretty easy to handle and hence gives you the ability to easily guide the router over[…]


There have been different routing machines developed over the years. Some pay keen attention on the power output, while other focus on efficiency. The Porter-Cable 690LR has been able to combine[…]

Bosch 1617EVS ReviewBosch 1617EVS Review

The router comes with an electronic variable speed dial, which allows starting off smoothly and increasing the speeds depending on the load. The Constant Response[…]

Bosch PR20EVSK ReviewBosch PR20EVSK Review

The router user manual provides some basic guides for purposes of maintaining and repairing the router. Once you finish using the router, you should clean and wax it before storing[…]

Bosch 1617EVSPK ReviewBosch 1617EVSPK Review

I wanted to make sure that the router I got had a soft start and variable speed, the cheap one I’d been using didn’t and it had led to some issues. The lack of a soft start feature is a complete turn off to me[…]